Below are some samples of our project experience:

Startup company had tried for six years to get a trading system going, but had difficulty controlling scope.  Company brought in PSS Management Consultants then to direct and manage various tasks from requirements definition to project planning, and through to system implementation.  Acquired a facility, hardware, and assembled a team of QA, Database, and Development professionals to design and build a $7 million real-time trading system based on ASP .NET web-based technology, over a 3 ˝ year timeframe.

A major futures exchange in Chicago had not succeeded in implementing their own real-time private equity and cash derivatives electronic trading system, after seven years.  Exchange then directed PSS Management Consultants to develop a list of requirements, project plan, system implementation plan, and marketing strategy.  In partnership with a New York firm and a trading data company in Connecticut, achieved production implementation a month ahead of plan in 10 months, and within budget.

No audit trail of trade transactions existed to meet a government mandate set down by the CFTC on U.S. futures exchanges.  Investigated hand-held computer technology to meet this requirement.  Led a team to select and implement three prototype hand-held computers for use by traders to timestamp trade transactions and create an irrefutable audit trail for government oversight, over a 4-year time period.  Utilized platforms from IBM mainframe to Tandem mid-range, to Client Server, to UNIX-based wireless transceivers, to hand-held DOS-based devices.

Project and Change Management processes were severely lacking at a major futures exchange in Chicago.  Introduced Kintana process management tool for entering project requests and tracking project progress, streamlining and better controlling project management and change management processes.  Developed and directed a corporate-wide Program Management Office, overseeing a total staff of 350 I.T. professionals, building a duplicate redundant data center with a complete test environment, thus achieving uninterrupted operations at the Year 2000 turnover.  Managed cross-exchange Y2K coordination efforts, achieving 28 man months of work in 14 months.

Order turnaround time was too long at a major futures exchange in Chicago.  Managed development and implementation of a Client/Server front-end to Tandem-based Order Routing system, over 11 month period, with a $10 million budget.  Reduced order turnaround time by 50%, resulting in improved, more efficient order flow, which increased fee revenues. 

Startup Trading System Implementation

Project/Change Management Improvements, Migration to Matrix Organization

Research, select & implement hand-held trade recording technology

Electronic trading system implementation

Improving order flow efficiency

Project List

PSS Management Consultants Ltd

A major Indiana university had contracted with a major telephone company to architect their “Library of the Future”.  An Ohio-based operator of library information systems put out a Request For Proposal (RFP) for bids to develop a new Library Information System.  Designed and planned the university’s “Library of the Future” over a 1 ˝ year time-frame.  Wrote Requirements Overview and Conceptual Design for future needs of entire library and its total environment.  Received a letter of commendation for outstanding design efforts and unique architecture.

Major mid-western steel manufacturer had brought in several companies as consultants to help them design a network that would meet their operating requirements.  Nobody understood their business.  Over a 1 ˝ year period, PSS documented their inventory, captured requirements, and designed a Fiber Optic network using state-of-the-art Technical Architecture.  Received a letter of commendation for resourceful planning and design, from mainframe down to terminal clusters in the six mill locations.

Chief Architect And Designer, Steel Manufacturer

Chief Architect & Designer, Library Systems

Tandem Corporation could not get to market with a product, and multiple vendors could not figure out how to engineer a communications path for manufacturing or engineering.  Designed and architected front-end processor architecture that off-loaded the Tandem, and routed engineering requirements to engineering applications, the work in process inventory to the floor control, and just-in-time processing for management.  Designed, developed, and supported major application and operating system interfaces, networks, conversions, and upgrades for Tandem users, over a 2 year period.

A major retailer had to relocate 7 data centers and consolidate them down to 5, then down to 4, and ultimately down to 1, while at the same time consolidating a multi-drop network to a point-to-point network, just after Judge Green passed his AT&T decision.  Program was originally projected to take 5 years, but was reduced to 3 years, yielding a 27 million dollar savings in operating costs with an additional savings of 11 million in networking costs.

Data Center Relocation / Consolidation

Designed and Architected Front-End Processor Architecture for Tandem computers

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