In Firm Broker & Exchange Systems, the difference between making and losing a fortune can be milliseconds, and accuracy is an absolute requirement.  Exchange members, all of whom own the exchange, can be the most demanding customers.  Satisfying them can be a major challenge.  We have 30 years combined experience developing user-customizable systems for traders.  Our approach is to do many internal “sales calls” to traders and incorporate their requirements into specifications that the software developer can develop to.

Examples of Firm Broker & Exchange Systems we have implemented:

· Implemented electronic trading system at a major Chicago futures exchange in cooperation with a major German exchange.

· Implemented hand-held electronic trading card  (real-time wireless reporting of trades out of the pit to back office systems and clearing) at two major Chicago futures exchanges in cooperation with Japanese equipment manufacturer.

· Directed development effort in a joint venture between a major Chicago futures exchange and a New York firm to establish an electronic exchange in cash Treasury securities and various other over-the-counter products.

· Experience developing other transactional real-time software for major Chicago futures exchanges, both in projects of trading floor activities, order processing, deck management, electronic trading of cash derivatives and futures, and just recently unlisted securities.

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