We’ve all seen one, been a part of one, or at least heard about one -- a project that goes on forever (“it’s 90% done!”), or costs many times as much as planned, or absorbs every resource a company has. It has built a life force of its own. It WILL NOT DIE!  It’s an Out of Control Project (OCP).

As with most problems, the first step in finding a solution is admitting that you have a problem. It’s easy for an OCP to remain “below radar” for a long time -- because of inexperienced or non-existent project management (PM), busy executives, unrealistic expectations, or a host of other reasons.  To control OCP’s, it’s necessary to have an organization in place that is equipped to do so.  This is known as a Program Management Office (PMO).

Benefits of setting up a PMO include:

· Aligning projects with business objectives

· Facilitating greater senior executive involvement

· Higher probability of successful projects

· Enabling better management of cost

· More consistent and simplified management

· Maximizing quality

· Managing timelines and dependencies across many projects

· Accountability for all results

· Higher client satisfaction

· Streamlining and automation of many management tasks

Program Management Office Setup

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