About Us

 Established in 1980 (Over 25 years of established success)

 Innovative solutions to support the strategic business objectives of our clients

 Minimize risk using state-of-the-art enterprise-wide technology

 Emphasize knowledge transfer and complete documentation

 Interested in building long term business relationships

 Equipped with a wide diversity of state-of-the-art technology backgrounds, both in hardware and in software

 Program Management Office setup and operation

 Strong understanding of data communications - wired and wireless (i.e., IR, Spread Spectrum)

 Thorough understanding of user interface design

 Extensive experience in hand-held computer technology

 Experience with standard off-the-shelf accounting systems

 Design and implement academic computer environments (including several library systems)

 Solve telephony needs and consolidate cost control

 Determine firm broker and exchange needs & offer potential systems solutions to meet those needs

 Design and implement Criminal Justice Information Systems (C/CJIS)

PSS Management Consultants Ltd

Professional  Systems  Solutions 
Providing Management Consulting and Systems Integration Consulting

We are registered members of the

Masters Certificates in Project Management earned at the University of Wisconsin School of Business in Madison, Wisconsin.