PSS Management Consultants Ltd


PSS Management Consultants has provided services for major Fortune 100 companies, and smaller corporations, providing leadership and resources to solve business needs, using very strict methodology to bring our projects in on-time, on- or under-budget every time. 

We bring together the leading technologists to address your business concerns.  We can utilize standard off-the-shelf systems, integrating them into your legacy environment, or offer custom hardware and software solutions, depending on your needs.  We very clearly define our goals and objectives up front, to clearly set the customer's expectations of what the end result will be.

PSS Management Consultants practices a participative philosophy of systems integration methodology.  The customer remains involved every step of the way, from beginning to end, and is encouraged to be interactive.

Our customers are our first priority.  We strive to understand and satisfy their needs so they can achieve their business objectives.

We practice a top down approach of methodology (we start with listening to the customer to understand your needs, with no pre-conceived notions).  We bring our years of experience to the table and build solid business solutions.

We believe in giving you hard work at a fair market price.

Professional  Systems  Solutions 
Providing Management Consulting and Systems Integration Consulting